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Communal Cooking–I love this article!

This article is just lovely, and fun, and makes me want to try out something like this.  Maybe without the clay oven, and maybe without the whole dismembered goat, but just the idea of all these people cooking together is so cool…and Michael Pollan is such a fun writer, it’s just a very pleasant read:

The 36-hour Dinner Party (from the New York Times Magazine)

(Okay, I thought of titling this post something like “Michael Pollan can roast his root vegetables in my oven any time,” but it was just a little TOO much, considering the sick minds my friends all seem to have…) (And by most accounts, except for his, the root vegetable experiment was one of the weekend’s less successful endeavors anyhow…)


Bald Guys we love…

There, I bet I got your attention!

My friend Sean informs us all that June 16 was apparently (somewhere) celebrated as Captain Picard Day. A holiday I heartily endorse–I mean, come on! Just look!

And I highly recommend taking a look at 101 reasons why Captain Picard is better than Captain Kirk. Check out number 40: Picard can actually make being bald, middle-aged, and scrawny look sexy & macho.

Which brings us to the real reason for this post:

Michael Pollan  now has his own website, where we can find all his books and articles and various wisdoms in one place.  This will be a great boon to bloggers like me who have trouble keeping track of it all. Plus, he’s just kind of awesome. For many of us green food-loving bloggers, you are the sexiest and most macho bald, middle-aged, non-fictional captain we know.  (At least until Jaime Oliver starts losing his hair in about 20 years.)

A site to bookmark!! Tell your friends!

Michael Pollan article

In January of 2007, Michael Pollan had an article called “Unhappy Meals”  in the New York Times–I believe it contains seminal material from his book In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto.  (Which is, in a nutshell, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” ) It’s a fairly long article, and it details the evolution from food to food science of the past century or so. 

It’s a good article!  Check it out.