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Pet care post at Green Phone Booth

Hey, come over to the Green Phone Booth–I posted there today about some chemical-free pet care ideas!

Pet Care without Toxic Chemicals (and rescue organizations!)

Happy Friday!


Picky Eaters vs. The Parents: daily dinnertime battles

I love posts like this one, over at The Green Phone Booth.  They give me this lovely warm feeling of Not Being Alone, and some small amount of validation for the choices I make. (Not that just because someone else makes the same choices as I do makes them more right, nor that being the only one making them makes them wrong…it’s just a solidarity thing, you know?)  And I love her phrase, “missiles of mass complaining…”

I feel like I could have written this post, just about. (Except for the part about her kids liking avocados.)  We have two kids: a 6 year old bear and a 4 year old peanut, and they are eating nightmares, especially our son, the elder.  And yes, we did the same thing as the writer did with starting out making alternate meals (of chicken nuggets and hot dogs) for him while eating the food we like, often the spicier kinds of one-dish meals no kid ever seems to like.

Now we’ve basically settled on two ur-meals, with variations. Ur-meal 1: grain product with butter and salt.  This can be pasta or brown rice or even barley; with butter and salt they will eat it.  Sometimes “herbs” (alias garlic and oregano) can be sold with it; “sprinkle cheese” (grated parmesan) is a plus for our daughter.  Ur-meal 2: bread product with cheese melted on top. This can be “pizza” (except they won’t eat red sauce) or quesadillas or grilled cheese.  We have two veggie options: carrot sticks or cucumber sticks.   We refuse dessert unless the kid eats a reasonable amount of dinner.  And whenever possible, dessert is some nice fresh fruit or yogurt with nutritional virtue all its own. 

There are lots of blogging moms out there.  It’s awesome finding each other…



You might be going green if…

The Green Phone Booth is another of my favorite blogs…this post made me smile.