I live in the suburbs with a bear, a peanut, two wienerdogs, and a very attractive computer geek.  This blog is an account of our journey as a family to decrease our carbon footprint, to be a little green in a world where there’s too much faux-food, needless energy output, and plastic water bottles…and too few easy opportunities for greenness. But we’re trying!

EDIT–Just to be clear, especially when I offer information about natural treatments I’ve tried for anything, I am not a doctor, I have no training, and I am not equipped to give medical advice to anyone! So when I relate whats worked for me, please don’t assume it’ll work for you, or that I have any idea what I’m talking about.  Do your own homework, your own research, and make your own informed choices. (There. That’s the disclaimer.)

I can be reached via gmail, as greenmomintheburbs!

  1. A Kahlua Recipe from our North Dakota past.

    1 lb Yuban Coffee (don’t know if this still exists, but it needs to be strong coffee – ground)

    Boil in 1.5 qt. water for 15-20 minutes…let cool…strain through light cotton dish towel 3 times.

    Mix 7 cups sugar & 2.5 cups water and bring to boil and simmer covered 45-50 minutes…let it really cool down! Then after it has cooled down, mix the sugar water and coffee juice together. Add 2 oz. of Vanilla Extract and a Fifth of clear brandy (the original recipe calls for Everclear, but that has been removed from most liquor store shelves long ago).

    Pour into empty liquor bottles (recipe makes 5.5 fifths of “kahlua”) and let sit in a cool place for a couple of months.


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  5. I read your story about SPD in Hartley Steiner’s new book. It so much mirrored my son’s. Thanks for sharing. It’s always nice to know there are other families like ours!

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