With the rise of Alt Govt, Twitter is suddenly fun again…

altusparkserviceThis has been a terrible week.

I don’t even know how to start dealing with this crazy man in the White House, or the cadre of corporate grubbers surrounding him. I don’t know what to protest first–the loss of environmental regulations, the idea that profit should come before safety (something the REINS Act actually wants to enshrine into our legal system), or the apparently serious assertion that the job of the press should be to “keep its mouth shut” and not report anything the Administration doesn’t want reported.

Then there was Twitter, and the National Park Service, which was apparently shut down (the Twitter feed, not the Service itself) for retweeting comparative photos demonstrating the size of the crowds at the inauguration. And which then came back up immediately after it posted an “apology” for its “mistaken Tweet.”  Now they are posting cute animal photos and lovely vistas.

But then…Badlands National Park went rogue, and now there are “alt” Twitter feeds from a bunch of agencies.  Or people at the agencies. Or people who used to work for the agencies. Or people who never got anywhere close to the agencies.  There’s honestly no documentation at all to in any way prove that the rogue accounts are who they say they are. But…for the first time since I’ve attempted to use it…Twitter is fun again.


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