Vita-Mix Potato Pancakes? No, really. (A food processor would work too)

The other day I realized I had a couple of potatoes getting ready to sprout, half an onion, and 2 eggs left in the carton. So…why not try my hand at potato pancakes? These were unbelievably easy and tasty, and I could control the amount of oil and butter that went into them, which I can’t if I buy them at the admittedly delicious Polish market down the road…

So: so I don’t lose track of what I did, this is what I did.


Easy Potato Pancakes

In a Vitamix or food processor, put:

  • 2 cups or so cubed potatoes. Mine were russets, but I guess anything would work. It took 2 potatoes for 2 cups. And I don’t imagine the exact quantity makes that much difference…
  • 1/2 a medium onion, cut up to about the same size pieces as the potato. (Or more. Or less. Or a shallot or two.)

Process in the Vita-Mix on low speed (1 or 2) or in the processor with the chopping blade until it’s sort of a chunky grated-looking mess. Add:

  • 2 eggs
  • 3 or so tbs flour (I’m guessing for gluten free you could do some alternate flour like spelt or rice? Let me know if you try it…)
  • a couple good shakes each salt and pepper

Process again, for a little longer, till you’re somewhere between “grated” and “smoothie.” This part will ultimately be a matter of preference; some say to blend it completely, some say to leave the potatoes in a more grated state (but others decry this as “not potato pancakes but hash browns”–gotta love the passion of the internet), so do what you like. If you are using a Vita-Mix–important!–immediately remove your potato mixture to another bowl or pyrex glass cup or something and wash the blender container.

Place butter or oil into a large skillet and heat to about medium.

(This, again, is where you can choose your path: a proper Polish potato pancake would be cooked in about 1/2 inch sizzling oil and have lovely crispy edges. It would also have a gajillion calories. A non-stick skillet would also work, with only a teeny bit of oil, but the pancakes would lack the nice crispness. I used about 1 tbs. butter in the pan and got a kind of happy medium.)

Put spoonfuls of potato batter into the pan and spread fairly flat; let them cook on each side, without disturbing, maybe 4 minutes, till brown.

Serve with warm homemade applesauce.


My picky kids actually ATE these, though they would have turned up their noses without the applesauce. If you go without too much oil, these are a really good and unprocessed-food-y meal option, and they were incredibly quick and easy. I served them with leftover mushroom soup for the grownups. This one’s a winner! And it gave me another opportunity to befriend my husband’s over-achieving blender


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