One Hour Sandwich Bread?

Okay, with all my bread experiments, I’ve never tried anything using quick-rise yeast, but yesterday I found this recipe on the internet for a beginning-to-end one hour yeast bread. I both couldn’t believe it and thought it was too amazing not to try…

Well, it works. The trick, aside from the quick yeast, is putting it into a cold oven, with a broiler pan of hot water that steams away. It doesn’t get the surge of “poof” you get when you quickly put bread into a very hot oven, but it rises just fine during the oven-heating period and then bakes the rest of the way.  Sort of amazing!

Me being me, I of course tweaked the recipe, but it worked fine in my food processor. (I had to add a little more water.) And I was able, during this hour, to make both this bread and a batch of the Pioneer Woman’s drop biscuits in the same food processor in the same hot oven, for double the high-cal bread products out of the same energy use. 🙂

Highly recommended!


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