Bread Past its Shelf Life

We never seem to finish the loaves of bread. Not sure why. But on a regular basis I find myself tossing or freezing (if I catch it early enough) the bread that began to go stale before we had time to eat it. And even more lately, since I have a friend whose job is to move out uneaten baked goods from a local food pantry when the next week’s stuff comes in, and he desperately tries to get as many of us to take and use the beginning-of-the-end bread he’s got before it’s beyond all hope.

I’ve been making a lot of bread pudding lately, and the freezer is full of bread cubes and bread crumbs for the stuff I haven’t had time to bake yet.  But we’re, believe it or not, getting a little tired of bread pudding…

So I’ve been poking around on the internet looking for more recipes. Turns out there’s a lot out there you can do with stale bread. Many of them are variations on bread pudding and its favorite hybrid, French Toast–different kinds of strata (including a caramel apple one that looks amazing) abound, and there’s one for a bread pudding involving chunks of butternut squash that I will have to try. Then there’s this recipe for bread-crumb dumplings, where you make a dough out of bread crumbs and eggs and spices and cook them in boiling water…I don’t know if I’ll ever try that one, but it looks very cool. Other sites have more basic across-the board hints…

So this is kind of cool. Anyone else have any novel ideas what to do with bread that’s passed its reasonably delicious shelf life?



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