Cooking with my Kids (pigs in blankets)

JKB Phone_000642I’ve long been a fan of the whole “artisan bread in five minutes” method of bread baking, where you make a container of dough which can sit in your fridge for a couple of weeks, while you take off chunks and have fresh bread in an hour’s notice. And I’ve been futzing around with it for a few years now. But tonight I hit on something really fun and cool.

It was brought out by my kids, really, who got the idea in their heads that they wanted to make pigs in blankets. So I figured, why not? I made up a batch of dough last night, and then tonight I got on the computer to find some ideas for how it might work, how much and how long and what temperature and all that.

I hit pay dirt almost immediately–this quite cool blog I’ve never read before but plan to in the future had a beautifully simple method for making the things: basically, you roll out a big circle, cut it into 8 wedges, and roll a high-quality uncured wiener in each one, crescent-roll style. (It also occurs to me, duh, that one could make delicious easy crescent rolls the same way.)

The kids and I rolled the dough out, they assembled the dogs, I baked them up while I made the Pioneer Woman’s recipe for potato soup for my husband and me, and served them up for dinner. Seriously good. And easy–we got home at a little before 6 and had dinner on the table before 7, along with recipe hunting and feeding the dogs and all. (Er…the real dogs, not the hotdogs. Although both of our dogs are of the wienerdog variety…)

Anyway, the variations to which one can put that remarkably easy bread dough still never cease to amaze me.


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