CSA: We got taters!

So this time in the CSA box, along with a very pretty leek, more kale (sigh), some more lovely tomatoes, and two very beautiful heads of lettuce, among other things…there was a pretty big bag of potatoes! Somehow it never occurred to me that potatoes would be part of the CSA deal, though it’s right there on the website, so this was a very nice surprise!

The down side is that we aren’t huge potato-eaters. We like them, but I just rarely cook with them, and almost always when I buy a whole bag of them I end up tossing the last few when they turn greenish and potentially toxic. (Never eat potatoes that have started to photosynthesize, i.e. turn greenish in their flesh. Not for nothing are these suckers members of the nightshade family!) But my mission with the CSA baskets is to try to eat and use all of it, whether I’d normally be inclined to do so or not. (So far I haven’t totally nailed it…some of the mizuna went icky, and I lost a couple of eggplants due to neglect…)

So now I’m looking up my options for freezing potatoes. I figure I can make some oven-fries for our Labor Day cookout (yeah, before you suggest it–my hubband doesn’t care for potato salad), and maybe roast some with garlic and rosemary on Tuesday with a rotisserie bird from Whole Foods (discount day!), but that won’t use them all.

So it was a big find to discover this site with all kinds of info on how to freeze potatoes–in fact, it’s a motherlode of potatoey goodness. I happen to love hash browns and potato pancakes, so this will be a good use for whatever’s still uneaten come Wednesday morning or so.

I know, it seems like a waste for fresh new potatoes, and I will only do it if I hit a wall, but it’s better than wasting them.

Maybe I can have some of them in the winter in soup with all that kale I’ve been blanching and freezing…


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  1. My very favorite summer potato recipe: Thinly slice potatoes and roast with a little olive oil and salt. While they are cooking, finely chop fresh tomatoes. Add a couple of cloves of fresh chopped garlic and a bit of sea salt to the tomatoes and let it sit until potatoes are done. Top potatoes with tomato-ey goodness and eat while hot. Heaven!

  2. Actually, I’d recommend a puree that you could turn into potato-and-leek soup down the line. Otherwise: the usual. Boil whole scrubbed small taters as a side dish. Cut ’em into quarters, marinate in olive oil plus s and p and herb of choice, and roast for 40 or so minutes, and serve alongside most anything (but really delightful alongside most any fish dish known to man! Got a good ratatouille recipe? Chuck some of these roasted taters into each bowl before you serve the ‘touille forth — nobody will ever miss meat or other protein, particularly if you melt a bit of good cheese on top first!)

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