the next CSA box…Tomatoes!

Tomatoes are in season at my CSA! Not just tomatoes either–we got three melons this week: one canteloupe, one small watermelon, and one lovely yellow Asian melon with delicate white flesh, sweeter than a honeydew with just a hint of tartness.  Didn’t last long. I love how summertime means that “dessert” can be a plateful of delicious seasonal fresh fruit…

We got a whole bag of tomatoes. Some of them are being caprese salads for my own lunches, since I’m the only one in the family who actually loves tomatoes. Some of them I may roast slowly overnight and either munch or freeze for winter use, or try a new homemade ketchup recipe. I’m not sure there are enough there to make going through the whole canning process worth it…if they start to get past their prime before I can eat them all, I will blanch and peel them and freeze them, probably to can later.

I honestly don’t have any creative recipes to offer this go-round; the fresh melons, tomatoes, cucumbers, and greens are just so lovely to eat on their own that I don’t need to do anything to them. Lettuce. Mizuna. (And yes, I had to do a Google search for “what is Mizuna”?) I did make a very nice stir fry out of one of the squash, the onion, a bell pepper, and the asian celery that came this week…but mostly I’m just enjoying the veggies and melons as their own delicious fresh selves.

Yes, there is chard too. As with kale, I have trouble getting excited about chard. But as with the kale, I’ll blanch it for winter. And a nice commenter on one of my earlier posts left a really nice-looking sauteed greens recipe I have to try…

So the only recipe I can leave you is this:

Caprese Salad

  • Cut up and arrange on a plate as many sliced fresh tomatoes as you feel like eating
  • Cut up a couple of balls of fresh mozzarella and arrange over tomatoes. (I know cutting them up isn’t traditional, but if you have it in little pieces, you can have a little bite with every bite of tomato…)
  • Shred a few fresh basil leaves into ribbons; sprinkle over tomatoes and mozzarella
  • Drizzle with a little balsamic vinegar (and olive oil if you wish, but I seldom do). Season with a little salt, pepper, and (if you like) garlic powder

I love it when a plate of mostly vegetables feels like a true indulgence…


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  1. hi! i saw your blog link on the CSA email today. I made a big batch of gazpacho last week with the tomatoes, tomatillos, green peppers, cucumbers, and half an onion and a clove or two of garlic. Just puree everything to your heart’s content It was delicious and an incredibly efficient to eat all of those good veggies at once. Just in case you need any more ideas for those tomatoes. happy eating!

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