CSA: What we did with the first installment

After receiving our first box of produce from Angelic Organics, our local CSA, we were faced with dealing with a lot of fresh produce in a short span of time, since we were leaving town the next morning! (The kind neighbor next door who takes out our trash and brings in our mail got half of the baby spinach. I hope they enjoy it.)

I have to say, this produce was flawlessly lovely. Everything beautiful and fresh and quite clean considering where it came from! It makes me feel like a complete scumbucket as a veggie-grower, and I honestly don’t know if I will ever truly invest my spirit in my own veggie garden again as long as these lovely people are growing this lovely stuff.  I’ll turn the whole damn thing over to perennial fruit bushes and buy my veggies from the CSA!

First and most basic, that night at dinner we feasted:

Salad with fresh lettuce and baby spinach, with chopped scallion tops and oven-roasted beets on top. (The rest of the beets got frozen. I have, to my great delight, discovered that I apparently love beets. Who knew?)

Pasta primavera, which was basically where I sauteed fresh basil, garlic, and scallions in olive oil, added the broccoli and cut up zuke to stir fry, discovered in that second that I still had half a cup of sauteed mushrooms in sauce in the fridge and dumped that in, and then poured a little red wine and pre-prepared red sauce over it all. All this took exactly as long as it took the pasta to cook–I didn’t even start chopping the veggies till the pasta went into the water. Twelve minutes later–dinner.

There wasn’t much time to get creative with the rest of the box (though I did make a batch or two of kale chips–another story for another time!): the remainder of the lettuce and baby spinach came with us on our trip, and the spinach and kale were blanched and frozen. (One site I saw suggested freezing the kale on a cookie sheet and then moving it to a bag so it would be easier to use individual leaves; this worked like a charm.) The dill also was frozen (same way as the kale).  And for lack of time to process it into pesto, the bunch of basil is hanging over my counter in a bunch to dry, just because I want to see how it works. (I have plenty of my own basil anyway.)

I could really get used to this CSA thing! I am so excited; just in this one day it’s introduced me to one brand-new veggie (kale), re-introduced me to one I thought I didn’t like (beets), and given me some nice staples to freeze and use and all. Woohoo!


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