Faux Organix Sux

(Goodness, I’ve been gone for a while! Things got a bit crazy, and after 700-odd posts on this blog I feel like I’m sort of running out of things to say! This one got my goat, though:)

Greenwashing sucks. There’s not much to say about it beyond that bald reality. Companies leaping onto the green-organic-natural bandwagon, sticking the labels on their products without really doing anything to merit the label.

Some of it is perfectly legal, of course–“natural” is not a regulated word, so pretty much anyone can slap it on their.

“Organic,” on the other hand–that one is regulated, and Organix beauty products may have been slapping that term onto its labels in a way that opens them to actual disciplinary proceedings. There’s a class action lawsuit underway to nail them for their greenwashing.

I have actually used their products–I was only partially taken in, since the term “organix” reminded me too much of the “froot” designation on certain snacks and loops that aren’t allowed to have “fruit” on the front…but I was curious. I wish I were surprised to see my cynical suspicious side vindicated yet again.


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