An interesting variation on baked oatmeal…

I’ve been a fan of baked oatmeal, the perfect portable snacky breakfast,  for a while, but this is a twist on it I’d never have thought of:

Strawberry Pineapple Baked Oatmeal

I honestly probably wouldn’t try it exactly as-is–I’m not huge on pineapple, and it’s not something I keep around as a kitchen staple or anything.  But the very idea that I could mix frozen-fresh fruits into something like this is really intriguing.

This, I’m afraid, is one of those posts where I don’t actually do anything even remotely original; it’s a place-marker so I don’t lose track of this recipe. I know we can use Pinterest for that now, but still, this is interesting enough that I want to keep it on a front burner…


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