Newest entry in the Prius field

I have had Prius envy for years.

Not that I don’t love my 10 year old, 115k-miles Subaru; I totally do. But with gas topping $4.50/gallon here in the Chicago area, it’s hard to accept that I’m spending literally twice the money on gas that I would be spending if I were driving something that got 40+mpg…

And now there’s a “family” Prius: the Prius C. I have a friend who says she wants to drive something with more “style,” but I think it’s cute. (And she drives something that’s basically a Camry, so I don’t see why that is more stylin’ than the Prius…I don’t get it. But I love her anyway. :-))

I’m intrigued…anyone seen or test driven one of these?

Toyota Prius C Features

Toyota Prius C and the Game of Life


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  1. consciousshoppr

    Have you seen the Tesla Model X? It’s like a cross between a mini-van, SUV, and station wagon. All-electric, seats 7, but squatter than an SUV or mini-van. Like all Teslas, crazy expensive, though.

  2. Haven’t been in a Prius C — yet! Would love to find out if a cello fits in the back.
    According to, the regular Prius has the lowest Cost To Own in its class; don’t know how it shakes out for the Prius C. Toyota says that no Prius driver has yet to invoke the 10-year warranty on the battery: nice! (However, the battery in my brother’s 2001 Prius gave out in its 11th year; he’s replacing it with a reconditioned one).

    When you are ready to replace your brave Subaru, you might consider a diesel car: they now run _cleaner_ than comparable gasoline engines, are strong, and pack serious fuel efficiency. And you don’t have to worry about the big battery, even past the 10-year mark.

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