Trying other milks

Despite the dairy industry’s efforts to dissuade us, lately I’m finding myself intrigued by some of the alternate white-ish milk-like beverages on the market in such plenitude right about now.

I’ve tried soy milk and honestly it doesn’t do anything for me. I love coconut, so coconut milk is just awesomeness in my book.  Problem is, it’s pretty high cal and high fat–good fat, coconut oil is great stuff, especially in its natural form, but I’m still about mumblemurph lbs overweight and don’t need to make things any worse in that regard. Almond milk, though–it’s fairly low in calories and it tastes pretty yummy…

So then I see these recipes for making your own of some of these various milks particularly the two I actually this is right up my alley.

So…any of you guys tried any of these? Making your own? Is it worth it? Does it save any money? Does the end result taste better? I’m curious…


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  1. Michelle Marie

    I have made coconut milk from shredded coconut and almond milk. They do not taste exactly like the store bought kind because I don’t add the guar gum and other thickeners, but they do taste good. I make them whenever I run out of store bought and don’t feel like making a trip to the store, during which I will inevitably end up buying more than just the milk!

  2. OMG, I’m totally like that with the store! I’ve recently set a moratorium on mid-week trips, because our grocery bills were getting out of hand. Now we (mostly) plan ahead, buy what we need on the weekend, and if we run out of anything in the interim we do without.

  3. I have been making almond milk for a few months now. It’s really easy and tastes great. I use mine primarily for baking ( we have a dairy allergy in our house) so I don’t make it very sweet, but when I want to use it for cereal it’s very easy to add some honey and vanilla and I thing it is as good as store bought. much less expensive!

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