Green Beauty Day

Crunchy Betty is one of my heroes.

Because of her, I frequently nowadays have food on my face, in my hair, cleaning my kitchen, and on various parts of my body, and I rarely purchase any commercial cleansers or moisturizers any more.  Who needs a $28 tube of some schmantzy cleanser when I can mix together a little yogurt, honey, and almond meal and use them as a lovely moisturizing facial scrub?

So today I’m going whole hog: hair and face.

Face:  the above scrub looks lovely, of course, but I might go farther this time. I’ll oil-cleanse my face first, and then use Betty’s nutmeg-milk exfoliator.  Then I’ll spread an egg white mask over my face and let it draw out the impurities as it dries.

Hair: The hot oil treatment is a standard.  I also have found in a few places that egg yolk is excellent for repairing brittle, dried out hair…but I’m afraid the egg might, well, scramble, if I put it into hot oil. How do i know how hot I can let it be? Hmm…I may just skip the heat part and try this site’s suggestion to mix egg yolk, yogurt, honey, and olive oil as a hair mask that I can leave on my hair for a while and then rinse out.

So…we’ll see what happens!


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