Daily Archives: March 9, 2012

Weeping for Onions (Caramelized onion and French Onion Soup recipe)

My husband eats raw onions. Even if he knows his eating of them means he won’t get any good kisses (or anything else, for that matter) from his normally affectionate and loving wife, he still eats them.

I’m trying to get him to enjoy them a little more, well, cooked. It’s an uphill battle.

In the meantime, I may try to make some of my own yumminess. In the crockpot, both of these recipes look lovely. (Disclaimer: I haven’t actually tried these, this is my way of making sure I don’t lose them when I clear my browser history in a few minutes.)

First, you make caramelized onions in your crockpot. This looks very easy, very delicious, and the results are supposedly freezable.

Or…makeable into French Onion Soup, one of my great culinary loves. From this recipe on a very cool looking crockpot vegetarian cooking site that I’m totally bookmarking, it looks like first you caramelize the onions and then you add the broth and season it a bit, and then toast your bread and melt your cheese, and yum.

So even if my husband won’t eat either of these, I totally may have to make them for myself. And besides the soup, it looks like there are all kinds of things to do with the onions–jam, eat on flatbread with goat cheese and herbs, pizza, baked with quartered new potatoes…

Anyone have any cool recipes to use with caramelized onions?