Daily Archives: February 12, 2012

Weird Green Headlines

I love reading “green news”—to the extent that I tend to lose track of what’s going on in the rest of the news world, which is sort of a problem. Somehow this couple-of-week-period has been marked by a fairly delightful surge in Really Bizarre Headlines. So let me share:

Urinating on your tomato plants could give you fruit four times larger. Who knew?

Sea Cucumber poo may be key to saving coral reefs. Again—who would ever have guessed this?

Why do feet fall asleep? Okay, this one isn’t too weird, but now that they mention it, I don’t think I have any idea.

1000 lb. butter sculpture will power farm for 3 days.  Calling butter sculpture a “state fair tradition” that’s “unnecessary and kinda gross,” Grist tells the story of how it nonetheless will be used as a source of alternate energy.

McDonalds discovers social media can backfire when people hate you. Love this one—McD’s apparently started this “twitter party” kind of thing for people to pop in and say what they love about McDonalds’ food-like substances. And…things didn’t go as they’d hoped. 🙂

I’ll keep looking—but honestly, I’ve never seen a whole surge of headlines all at once be as strange as this clump of them…