Salads. I’m sick of salads.

Still trying to eat well. Keeping the snacking down, eating good stuff, keeping track a la half-assed Watchers of how many of each particular food group I’ve consumed in a day. Not finishing my kids’ leftovers.

And where I’m failing, as per usual, is the veggies.

When I make soups it’s okay; there it’s easy to sneak the suckers in, and if I use frozen bagged vegetables it’s easy and doesn’t take very long. But I know I want to be eating more salads, and they are just a pain in the butt. Takes forever to cut and chop and shred, and I really can’t afford to buy the Whole Foods Salad Bar every day for lunch.

This blog by Fat Free Vegan (doesn’t sound healthy, but…) has some really cool salad ideas…I may have to check these out.

Anyone have any other ideas to get the time-consuming raw veggies into my lunchbox every day?


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