Vegetarian Bibim Bap

Okay, I would totally not ever take the time to make anything this labor-intensive very often, but…this looks amazing!

Vegetarian Bibim Bap

Chile Chews is an awesome blogger, and I was thrilled to find her weight loss blog.  She doesn’t use it any more very much, and over six months she totally kicked her butt to the curb (where I presume it is still sitting since at last weigh-in she’d dropped like 30- or 40 lbs and it’s clearly not on her person any more!) and made it work, in a healthy green veggie-laden way. Her weight loss blog is also something I’ve bookmarked to check out for the future…

In the meantime, I’m going to have to figure out what I can do with Bibim Bap to make it a little less something that uses every dish in my kitchen and takes ages to prepare…because it looks sooo pretty…


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