Drinking Chocolate! (Product Review)

Yeah, 3 weeks into my “I’m going to eat healthy and lose weight,” and I’m posting about drinking chocolate.  You go, Jenn. Way to do it.

No, seriously, though–I’m still doing well, my formerly-skinny-jeans are starting to hang off my butt a little, and I’m eating good stuff in lesser quantities than before.  It’s working just fine.  And one of the things that makes it work is allowing myself a little really excellent treat food every so often.

One of those treats is something an old friend gave me for Christmas–serious, locally crafted drinking chocolate. The kind you use your blender for.

She gave us two kinds–one for me and my husband, and one mostly for the kids. I have to be honest here, because if you’re not honest on your blog what’s the point–I’m the one digging into both of them most often. I’m using almond milk for it these days, to try to cut dairy (it bloats me) and calories a bit, and it’s delicious.

The grownup version: from D.B. Infusion Chocolates, it’s the Mayan Drinking Chocolate Blend with hot ancho chiles and spices in with the actual chocolate.  Lovely stuff…

The one for the “kids”–Gail Ambrosius Hot Chocolate is actual shaved dark chocolate pieces. Soooo good…

I once tried a blend of the two, which is almost the best of all worlds–the Gail Ambrosius is a little richer and smoother, and combined with the Mayan blend it gets that little spice kick.

These both work best when you heat the milk separately and then put it all into the blender together; you get this incredibly decadent chocolatey beverage that reminds you of Willy Wonka’s chocolate river…seriously good. I also discovered that I can use up some of my post-Christmas people-gave-me-this-delicious-dark-chocolate-but-I-haven’t-been-eating-it-fast-enough by melting it into hot milk in the blender and making my own drinking chocolate.  Yummers…

Just a little treat. Every now and again. Way better than french fries or the OMG tiramisu from the deli down the block in terms of calories and content…



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