Where have the honeybees gone?

I know, they seem like such an insignificant part of the ecosystem, right? And they’re scary and stingy anyhow?

Except they are neither…if we want to eat, if we want fruits and veggies and grains, and for that matter meats that ate the fruits and grains, we need plants to pollinate each other, and we need bees for that.  And they are not scary or stingy–that’s wasps, to which they bear an unfortunate resemblance. Bees are furry and peacable, at least the honey-making kinds. (I hadn’t realized, but wasps are also pretty important, since they are predators, and they to a lot of eating of other bugs which might otherwise be munching on my garden.)

So this article made me cringe:

Honeybee Problem Nearing a Critical Point

It’s one of many areas where it thoroughly ticks me off how Monsanto and the rest of the pro-pesticide ag-culture can so completely ignore what seems obvious, with studies and fact-based conclusions behind it: the GMO pesticide-engineered plants are killing the bees.

It needs to stop.


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  1. i agree! it’s pretty scary when you think about it. There is a whole movement in Halifax to allow for urban bee keepers (and there are a few rebel bee keepers that have hives on top of buildings).

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