Plastic Bag Ban in Montgomery County, MD

It’s actually, happened, though I can’t quite believe it…a ban, or actually a tax, on single-use plastic bags, has been instituted in Montgomery County, Maryland.  For all retail stores. Which means people will either start paying for their bags (and I imagine folks will generally cough up the extra less-than-a-quarter without that much complaint rather than bring their own, but there’s always hope!) or remember to bring their own from home…

A few articles here with links to information:

Wealthy D.C. Suburb Adopts Sweeping Bag Tax (Forbes)

Montgomery County Bag Tax to take effect with New Year (Washington Times)

Marc Gunter’s “In Defense of the Plastic Bag” 

Stiv Wilson’s “In Defense of Plastic Bag Bans”

I personally think it’s a great idea–it’s not that much money per bag, and if it helps people remember to bring their own–hell, to just double up a few single use bags from the last time you shopped and stuff ’em into your purse, if nothing else–it’s a step in the right direction.


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  1. I live in Montgomery County, MD. I think the tax is ridiculous, considering that reusable bags carry bacteria and fungus, and one article I read said that reusable bags have been linked to the deadly norovirus, which causes 800 deaths annually in the United States. Woohoo, way to go. Its like a person is paying 5 cents to potentially die.

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