Fever as its own best medicine?

I have long suspected this, but check out this article in Science Daily about a study giving evidence that fever is part of our body’s way to battle infection, not just a symptom.  Apparently there’s a particular type of white blood cell that functions better at slightly higher temperatures, and when our body increases its temp by a couple of degrees, it goes to work.

Sort of cool.

It also makes me think about my son–he rarely gets sick, but he’s had a couple of “illnesses” where he rides a high-ish fever (102-ish) for a couple of days, with no other symptoms. He feels crummy, but nothing else. Then the temp returns to normal and he’s fine. And usually, then, the adults in the household promptly get sick.

It makes sense, when you think about it…

(By the way, the articles I’m reading about this also are quick to point out that when a temp gets up into dangerous ranges like 104 and up, it needs to be brought down…they are talking about those mild-but-uncomfortable fevers most of us get from time to time.)


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