Conspiracy theories?

When I don’t have time to deal with my computer over a long-ish space of time, I tend to leave a bunch of tabs open, of articles I don’t want to lose track of.

Interesting what’s open right now?

The Epidemic of Mental Illness: Why?

Flu Shots Could Actually Be Increasing Your Risk of Developing the Flu

Aluminum Vaccine Adjuvants Appear To Contribute to the Rising Prevalence of Autism

HPV Vaccine Risks

These are all articles about the tendency to leap to pharmaceutical solutions for problems that may not be best served by going there right away.  And it’s a real pattern, I think.

To be clear: I am not anti-vaccination.  I believe, actually, that at its core the principle behind vaccination is very scientifically sound. (To the sort of “well, duh” extent.) I do not believe, however, that this necessarily means the solution to all communicable disease is mandatory vaccination of entire populations with whatever version of a vaccine some for-profit company creates, nor that asking questions about what’s in them and whether they are safe means I am a reactionary crazyperson. I also believe that mental illness is real–but again, I don’t necessarily believe that means leaping to medication as a first line of defense is the best option, especially when the doctors leaping there may have very little knowledge of all the details of what they are recommending. (And they don’t. Very often, they don’t.)

The current climate of conversation out there concerns me. A lot. It’s become this huge polarizing issue, where each side seems to think the other is wholly and completely crazy/stupid/sheep-like/greedy/complacent/insert adjective here, and there is no middle ground from which to have real discussions.

Bugs the heck out of me.


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  1. Hi Greenmomintheburbs,
    I take your point, what are you particular views on conspiracy theories and the consumers involved.
    Please mention which conspiracy your talking about.
    I look forward to your next post

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