Thanksgiving Leftovers: Potato Soup

This year I deliberately made too many mashed potatoes, just so I could try this recipe.  SO worth it.

I love going to restaurants and ordering their “loaded baked potato soup,” but even as I see it on the menu and desire it, I know it’s horrible from a nutritional standpoint. High fat, high sodium, probably laden with all kinds of weird chemicals…

But this is so amazingly easy, and compares really favorably with the restaurant stuff…

Easy Potato Soup

If desired, chop up a slice or two of bacon and saute till crisp.

Add 1 part broth and 2 parts leftover mashed potatoes. Heat on low, stirring, until potatoes are smoothly incorporated into the liquid.  Adjust quantities if needed; add more broth if it’s thicker than you’d like, and more potatoes if it’s too thin.

Remove from heat; add a small handful of grated cheddar cheese per cup of mashed potatoes you put in; stir till the cheese is melted and nicely incorporated.

Season to taste with salt and pepper. Garnish with chopped scallions.


The above is the complicated version; you can really do it with nothing more than mashed potatoes, broth or milk, and salt and pepper. But the other stuff, especially the cheese, really adds to the effect…

I’ll be taking this for lunch pretty much all week.


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