What I’m Reading…

Last night I managed to get my Google Reader from “1000+ unread” down to “760 unread”.  That’s progress, right?

A few interesting ones I want to keep track of:

Crunchy Betty’s “Nutty Butt Butter” lotion bar recipe.  This looks awesome.  It also seems like the perfect gift for someone, but you can’t really give a friend something that says, “Hey, I notice you have cellulite on your butt, here’s something to help reduce it!”…so I’ll just make some for myself. (Erm…if any of my friends read this who WOULD like some of this, let me know; I wouldn’t presume!) Her recipes for other lotion bars can be found here

Crunchy Betty had another keeper pop up since I’ve been regularly blog-reading…a recipe for echinacea-elderberry syrup. I’m kicking myself because I just placed and received an order from Mountain Rose Herbs and didn’t even think to order elderberries, which would have been a really good idea.  We have two new bushes out back that we planted in spring, and hopefully they’ll begin producing in the next couple of years, but for the moment we’re still spending way too much on the commercial stuff–elderberry syrup is a big hit in this house.

Check out this video and story–a private farm having people over for a farm-to-table dinner required to destroy all the food by pouring bleach on it because a health inspector came and decided they were in violation of…something.  I find this obscene. They weren’t even allowed to feed the food to their pigs or compost it. Sick.

Enough of that. Too depressing.  How about more ideas for Thanksgiving leftovers? These aren’t exactly earth-shattering–frittata, pot-pie, risotto, stuff like that–but they are good ideas.  I’ll be making mashed potato soup and potato pancakes with some of the many mashed potato leftovers I’ve got, and I won’t be surprised if most of the turkey just gets eaten one way or the other before it even needs to be frozen.  The Green Phone Booth also has a leftovers post, and there are several floating around…

That’s enough for now, I think.  We’re going to go eat pie for lunch.



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