I yam happy with my experimental recipe…(Cranberry-Sweet Potato Bake)

Okay, I’m stuffed too full right now to manage any better puns; please forgive me.

Had an experiment this year with the sweet potatoes.  The sort of embarrassing reason was that I discovered, while cleaning out the freezer to make room for Thanksgiving goodies, two little frozen half-cups of last year’s cranberry orange relish.  It’s delicious stuff, but a single recipe just plain makes too much for us all to eat, and I figured I’d thaw it out at various moments through the year…and forgot. (I will say, it freezes very well!)

So while I didn’t want to serve it as “the” relish this year, since it’s the one thing everyone in my family goes nuts over, I still wanted it out of the freezer especially if I was now going to make more.

So I thawed it out, and this year after boiling my sliced sweet potatoes till soft, I layered the yams and relish in a covered glass casserole dish all the way up to the top, and sprinkled a little cinnamon over it. (Next time I’ll skip the cinnamon; totally unnecessary.) When the turkey came out of the oven,  the casserole dish went in. I had to raise the oven temp to 450 to make the bread, which is hotter than this needs to be, but it did fine over the next half hour and was just sort of bubbling away by the time the bread was done. (Uncovered it would have been a dried out burnt-on-top mess.)

This was delicious. Almost too sweet, since the relish is sweetened a bit and the potatoes are sweet enough to begin with, but the cranberries and oranges gave a perfect complementary flavor to the yams.  I suspect it would work equally well with pretty much any cranberry sauce recipe you have.  Even if you didn’t make this for The Big Day, it would be a great use of leftovers or festive winter dish at any other time.  Really good.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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