Transporting Soup

I love taking my lunch. And I love soup.  But it’s sort of a pain trying to transport it.

A lot of people suggest taking soup in mason jars–the kind we use for canning.  But that just makes me nervous–I would be afraid of dropping and breaking them. I know more plastic is not what we would normally be looking for, but in this case I’m making an exception.

I ordered a few different items from to try them out and see what works.  My parameters: air-tight, BPA-free, microwaveable.

By far the best option has been the Snapware leak-proof containers.  They are totally secure, and I can take even runny soup without the slightest drip. The Nalgene food jars are also pretty good, but the 8 oz. jars are tall and skinny. I should have gotten the 16 oz. even if I will rarely fill them; the smaller ones are more drink-y than soup-eat-y, know what I mean?

The one that was better in theory than in reality was the Kinderville silicone food jars.  It’s an awesome design, and I loved the idea–these things seal themselves shut by air pressure or whatever, and they are very very cool. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to break the seal. Which I learned when I spilled soup all over the inside of my lunch bag. But…live and learn. I wouldn’t recommend these, honestly. It’s an air-tight, leak-proof seal until you break the seal. Which is very easy to do. It was an expensive experiment, and I may still send them back.

But it’s nice to take soup for lunch again.

Any readers have any other good solutions to this one? Safe and non-toxic ways to transport liquids?



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  1. My husband does the good old fasioned thermos. He loves it because he can heat his soup up in the morning and it’s still hot at lunch time. They come in a ton of varities, most can handle a few crashes to the ground and they never leak. It means a new purchase, but he has had his for almost 20 years and it’s still works like it did the first day. Bonus-in the summer he likes to put homemade slushies in it as a treat for lunch.

  2. I thought about the Thermos thing…but the fact is that it would be more work than I have time for to heat it in the morning rather than just using the microwave at the office…

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