When the star align…

…I must make applesauce.

We have a little family-owned produce market nearby where I sometimes shop.  they don’t have organic produce, and usually I get my stuff either from someplace I can get organic or from the local farmstand down the road.  But a friend alerted me to this place’s really great prices and their seconds rack…which I checked out today, and wound up buying about 15-20 lbs of apples for maybe $5. Bruised, ugly, not the kind you want to drop into a kid’s lunch–but definitely the kind you want to cut up into a crockpot and make applesauce or apple butter.

So once again, since I’m stuck at home and can’t go anywhere anyway, I have two crockpots going in the kitchen–one with peeled cored apples for applesauce, and one with chopped up apples that still have peels for apple butter. (I like my applesauce chunky, and I don’t like the peels in it that way.)

Click here for the recipes for both–I’ve sort of shifted the recipes since I created that post, but it basically works.  The applesauce, like I said, does best with peeled apples, and it usually cooks down beautifully.

For apple butter, I no longer peel the apples, and after letting it cook down to “soft,” I hit it with the immersion blender and blend it very smooth.  Then I let it cook another few hours with the lid set just off-center a little so that some of the moisture can cook off.  I then usually add a few more seasonings and take it from there.

Both of these recipes do great in the hot water canning bath, or can freeze well.  I prefer the canner mostly because I tend to forget about things when they go into the freezer!

Eleven quarts of apples cooking away…


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