What I’m Reading (Catching up on Google Reader)

It’s been I-don’t-know-how-long since I’ve been able to settle down with my Google Reader subscriptions; I’m horribly behind on everything.  But in this blessed half-hour while the apple butter simmers down and the applesauce finishes in the canner (it’s been a steamy-apple-y kind of day) and the kids and husband are at the local park district Halloween event, I’m trying to get a little caught up…

So here’s what’s catching my interest:

More Stephen Colbert excellence, as he takes on the “Job-Killing EPA”

This one just makes me wonder…they did all these tests on public restrooms and found them all germy and gross; did they actually compare to average private restrooms?

If the world knew that global warming threatens our chocolate supply…would we be more careful?

I have a Windows Phone, but if I had an iPhone or Android, I’d be all over the new Fair Trade finder app

I make roasted pumpkin seeds often, whenever I cut into a pumpkin (or acorn squash or pretty much anything with roastable seeds)–but I’ve never tried getting creative with the seasonings. I’ll have to try this!

When charitable giving does more harm than good

And a recipe for making one’s own pumpkin pie spice.

Mocha-banana muffins? Count me in…I’m not a vegan, but this would easily transfer to ordinary-dairy yogurt, I’m sure. Wow.  I don’t generally stock instant coffee, but I’d bet that substituting strong coffee for half the almond (or dairy) milk would work too, though it wouldn’t have the caffeine kick of the original instant coffee recipe.  A very creative way to get one’s morning kick!

Speaking of awesome breakfast recipes–if I thought Crunchy Betty only gave crunchy cosmetic recipes, this one for Carrot Cake Oatmeal blows that out of the water. Especially since I planted carrots this year, forgot about them, didn’t know when to harvest them, and wound up with this strange bulbous thing more than two inches in diameter (forgot to photograph it!)…

Betsy the Eco-Novice has a really good post about trying to find a natural/eco-type bed without breaking the bank. Makes sense–even those of us who don’t get anywhere near enough sleep probably spend a quarter to a third of our lives in bed, and our kids are closer to a half…

I entered Food In Jars’ giveaway for a Wusthof vegetable knife, since I think Wusthof cutlery is da bomb, but since there are already well over 1000 entries I think it unlikely that I will be tapped.

(Holy Cow, still over 1000 in the unread pile…this is gonna take a while.)




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