Viva La Broke-Ass Grouch!

I read Broke-ass’s Grist article “memo to ecovores, it’s cheaper being green” back when it came out in December, when I was still keeping up with my Google Reader and before I fell out of the blog-sky.

Then today Green Bean forwarded this New York Times article, which I started reading, and even without the strong language I immediately recognized the Grouch’s inimitable style and story.

Somewhere in the interim, she published a book. Where have I been? And she has a blog, which I also missed.

I’m delighted to have re-connected with her writing…she is, in my opinion, one of the heroes of the world, an ordinary person in this crappy economy trying to make it work.


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  1. I cannot believe that I’ve never read – or even heard of – her. It’s actually a good thing! I can catch up on her blog which looks immensely entertaining and interesting.

  2. Oh my, a little high on the profanity scale for me, but I love what she’s got to say. Frugality is the original sustainability/green. I esp. love the comment about yuppies (human interest story) vs. Mexicans (call the city about a code violation) raising chickens in their backyards.

  3. I think she is awesome–and I think I vicariously enjoy the profanity since I’ve had to cut it completely now that I live with kids. 🙂 But I am just glad her voice is out there! I hope this book deal makes a difference in her broke-ass-ness…

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