Military testing near a wildlife refuge? REALLY?

Assateague Island is a beautiful barrier island near Ocean City, Maryland. It is host to dozens of species of birds and mammals, particularly a flock of wild horses that have lived there for I believe centuries. A beautiful place to visit, a beautiful place to know exists whether you visit it or not.

So check this out. Unbelievable:

Pocomoke-based Hardwire LLC, a locally owned and operated company that develops and manufactures a wide variety of military-grade armor for a variety of uses from buildings and bridges to armaments for the U.S. military, has requested a special exception to utilize a remote area in Worcester County for the detonation of military-grade explosives as part of a testing program. The special exception request was scheduled to come before the county’s Board of Zoning Appeals last night, but before the private sector could make its pitch to the county, the Assateague Coastal Trust (ACT) was already rallying the troops in opposition to the proposal.

Worcester County is considering leasing a portion of the publicly-owned 400-acre tract along the Chincoteague Bay to Hardwire for the detonation of military-grade explosives as part of the company’s testing program for new armor systems. While no one appears to question the validity of the tests and their potential benefit to the armed services, or the economic value of the local company in terms of job creation, ACT is questioning the wisdom of detonating explosives in the environmentally-sensitive testing area.

“Do you think setting off 25-50-pound explosives over and over again in the Resource Protection zone of Worcester County along the Chincoteague Bay is compatible with the general character and intent of the Resource Protection District?” the ACT’s call to action memo reads.

Um, no. I do not think it is compatible with the general character and intent of the Resource Protection zone. Nor, I suspect would any intelligent thinking human being.

And now some effing morons are trying to convince the public that Blowing Up Bombs directly across the bay from the Island is a great idea.

I am trying to find information about whom to call or write to; I can’t help thinking that while the locals are the ones with the most clout in, duh, local government, an area which depends as heavily on tourism as Ocean City and its environs do might respond to noises from those who visit and feed that great machine of tourism. There is also a Facebook page on the topic for those who wish to follow it more closely…

UPDATE: Aha! from the Facebook page:

If you will also stand up and say NO Military Testing Facilities in Worcester County, then please write a letter to the Worcester County Commissioners c/o Bud Church, President. 1 West Market Street, Snow Hill, MD 21863

There. We have a name and an address to which to write.


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