Fresh Basil in February


My tomato plants grew to only about 18-24 inches this year.

My basil plants are 4 feet tall.

Life is a mystery.

So what to do with all this basil, now that fall is here and it’s pretty much time to get stuff out of the ground? One thing, of course, is pesto. It freezes well and is just one of the more fabulous things in life. But if you don’t feel like making that much (and honestly, right now, I sort of don’t), another alternative is to make “basil cubes” to last all winter:

Frozen Single Use Basil Cubes

  • Put as much basil as you can reasonably fit into your food processor bowl, with a little olive oil
  • Pulse until well-chopped and sort of pasty
  • Put into ice cube trays and freeze; when solid, remove from trays and store all winter
  • Remove as needed to toss into soup, make pesto, season pasta sauce, whatever.

Totally easy and worth the small amount of time to do this…last winter I tried mini muffin tins since I don’t actually have any ice cube trays; these are actually a little big for most uses except a Giant Crockpot Full Of Minestrone like I made the other night. This year I’ll try to get an ice cube tray at Goodwill or something and use that instead…



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