Yes, I really did need a fourth crockpot.

Okay, I hit on something fairly awesome today. (In the category of “how am I going to not resort to processed foods/too much takeout when I don’t have time to cook” category.)

I found a quart of chili in the freezer, in one of those quart containers you get yogurt in, that I’d cooked who knows when and frozen for later use. I discovered that when I took it out of the container, it the quart-sized cylindrical Chilisicle just fits into my smallest crockpot. Which I put the lid on, turned onto “low,” and ignored for about 7 hours.

So easy. That’s the main problem with cook-in-quantity-and-freeze–you have to remember to get something out of the freezer early enough. But now I have a solution to that one.  (Okay, I still have to remember in the morning, but it’s not two days before, right?)

Last spring I bought a fourth crockpot. I know, it’s a sickness.  But there it was at the yard sale, practically brand-new, and in a much different size than any of my other crockpots–this one was only 1 1/2 or 2 quarts, as opposed to my ginormous 5 and 6 quart ones. I’ve actually used it a lot, when I just want to make a single meal’s worth of something, as opposed to the cooking-in-quantity-to-freeze kinds of meals I make in my other ones.

So this is just a new side benefit to it. Guess one can always use another crockpot.


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