Mondays…I mean…Wednesdays at the Booth

Okay, this week I posted at the Green Phone Booth on Tuesday instead of Wednesday and forgot to link over here…my “What’s For Dinner?–looking for advice on meal planning” post went up yesterday.

We’ve gone this route in the past couple of years, and it’s honestly been sort of a life-saver. I know a lot of people have “Friday pizza night” or whatever, but we’ve extended it to certain nights of the week always being the same basic foods, with a little flexibility worked into the system, so we know which nights there’s very little time to cook (like Mondays, when my daughter gets home from ballet at 5:45 and has to leave for religious ed at 6:05) and which nights the rotisserie chicken is cheap at Whole Foods (Tuesdays) and which night we’re most likely to be too wiped out to cook anything so we either need leftovers on hand or can occasionally do a premeditated pizza or Chinese delivery night

The list goes on the fridge, which also forestalls a lot of “Mom, what are we having for dinner?” and “Aww, Mom, do we have to have that for dinner?”–they know what’s on the list and how long it will be before it’s something they like better, and that makes it easier and I get less griping.

Worth a try.  Any readers use weekly or bi-weekly meal plans? What are your standbys?


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