Adventures in Public Transit, Day 3

Okay, it’s actually “day off,” since all I had to do today was register, and I can do that from home.

The train thing is going to work. This morning I started my car for the first time since Monday, to take the kids to school, since I don’t have to go in.  (Monday when last I drove it, it was to get a new battery because the old one was really old and really dying.  Very good investment now that winter’s approaching and I won’t be driving every day.)

It’s odd–an hour and a half on the train doesn’t seem anywhere near as long as an hour of driving.  I can read, I can listen to great music, I can study. I am learning already the quickest ways to get from one train station to the other. I am learning how long exactly it takes to walk from one place to the next. I am learning which boards to check for departing trains and how to do it quickly and on the fly so I can catch something that might be already just on its way out the door. I’m learning.

It’s a huge pressure on my husband, and I feel kind of bad about that.  One day a week I won’t get home at all, because I have a rehearsal in the city I’ll just take the el downtown for. Two days he can pick me up at the train station at a reasonable hour, but the other two I probably won’t get in till 7pm or so.  Which means he’s on for dinner and then coming back out to get me.

He’s a hero. Seriously. In one fell swoop with this school thing he’s shuffled into the position of sole breadwinner and chief schlepper, two positions which till now in our family have been largely mutually exclusive.

My body is also very sore from all the walking. And running. And, when running wasn’t enough, sprinting.  And stair-climbing when there are no escalators. With a heavy pack on my back. I hadn’t fully realized just how sedentary my existence was before this.  I mean, it’s walking.  Maybe a total of a mile or two a day, fast and hard, but not that far, and I’m wiped out. (Okay, this week, it’s been more like 3 or 4 because of the ground I have to cover milling around the school getting what I need.  But still…)  I assume my body will acclimate to this and I’ll be in shape fairly soon, hopefully a little less squishy and more muscular and–dare I say it?–a few inches less all around. Over time. I can be patient.

I still haven’t done the thing where I accidentally get onto a train that’s not going where I’m going, but I’m sure that’ll happen soon enough. But I’ll try to be careful…



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