No-Bake Energy Bites? I have to try this…

This is a recipe I’m absolutely going to have to try.

No Bake Energy Bites Recipe

It’s over on the Smashed Peas and Carrots blog, which I found thanks to $5 Dinners post about after school snacks, her running theme for the week.

The recipe involves peanut butter, and my kids go to peanut-free schools, but we’ve switched mostly over to sunflower seed butter in our house anyway (which I find to be amazing, because it tastes exactly like roasted sunflower seeds. I don’t know why that surprised me, but…oh well), and I expect it would work just fine.

And since the kids, after all, seem to have more energy than they know what to do with…maybe Mom should just eat them all herself? I think that’s fair, don’t you?


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  1. I’ve made these twice since finding the recipe and both times made them using Sunflower Butter since our neighbor, whom we often have snacks with, has a peanut allergy. They worked out GREAT! I added chopped dried apricots one time and chopped dried cranberries another time. Next time my son wants to add some sunflower kernels, too, which I think is a cool idea. πŸ™‚ Have fun! (I do think the Sunflower Butter – at least the one I buy – is a bit runnier than standard pnut butter, so I used a tablespoon or two extra of the ground flaxseed to soak up the extra “juice.”) πŸ™‚

  2. Those look very good, but I’m not sure how I feel about using raw oatmeal. Is that not weird?

    • Actually “raw” oats aren’t really raw, they are steamed and lightly toasted. Usually wen we make oatmeal we’re just cooking them again. (And FTR, I had to look that up, because I didn’t know it either:-)

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