Tomato Soup recipe…Campbell’s, eat your heart out

Tomato soup is sort of boring, right? But what if you used a whole bunch of garlic and onions, spices, and some nice burgundy wine in it? That might change one’s perspective, right?

This is an amazing-looking recipe from Going Green Mama; click over and take a look. (Try not to drool on your computer keyboard; it’s a pain to clean.) Now that it’s the time of year when our local farmstand has, in addition to all the pretty slicing tomatoes, half-bushels of canning tomatoes and “seconds,” there’s all kinds of awesome tomato recipes just waiting to be tried.

This one, with the addition of all the onions, probably wouldn’t be safe to hot water can, but it’s the kind of thing that makes me want to get a pressure canner so I can have some of this lovely stuff in the wintertime. (Or freeze a bunch!) Served with a dollop of yogurt and a little drizzle of pesto on top.  With a nice grilled sandwich of havarti cheese on artisan whole wheat bread.

Hmm…on second thought, who’s waiting for winter?


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  1. As you already know I am SO proud of you, and so thrilled that our paths crossed when they did. I look forward to supporting each other during this healing process. My gut is so damaged right now, that I am not absorbing most vitamins, minerals (elelciaspy magnesium), or even protein. I am in this with you Amber. I wish that we were both feeling better so that I could grab you for an adventure in Chicago at Nourished next week.

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