A New Relationship (Non-Toxic Soft Scrub Recipe)

Remember dating in days of youth, where we might go out with some guy, because he seemed presentable and filled the “boyfriend” (or at least “person I’m dating”) slot in our lives very adequately, and everyone said he was good for us, and all that stuff made it fairly easy to ignore some of his more toxic qualities?

(No? Okay, maybe that was just me…)

Not to insult any of my former love interests, but the above is also a pretty good description of how I feel about most of the bathroom cleaners I used in my pre-green days.

Except for one…Soft Scrub. The “one that got away.” Also toxic, and our breakup was necessary, but so amazing, I have missed it for years, even as I have embraced other green cleaners and learned to live with a not-as-clean bathtub…

Until today.

It’s so easy to make. Maybe not quite as effective as the chlorine-containing original, but ten times better than any other green attempt I’ve ever made. My tub looks whiter than it has in ages, with far less elbow grease.

I looked on a bunch of different sites for a recipe for this (the one that inspired me to start looking, from Mom Goes Green, is here), and they all pretty much boiled down to the same ingredients:

Natural Soft Scrub Recipe

  • Put about 1/4 cup baking soda into a bowl.
  • Add just enough liquid castile soap (or probably any other soap if dish soap or hand soap are all you have–a giant bottle Dr. Bronner’s castile is only about $10 and is useful for a gajillion things) to make a slightly runny paste
  • Mix in about 12 drops tea tree or lemon essential oil (both antibacterial/antifungal). Or both. Optional.

That’s IT.  Start scrubbing.

This did a really great job of getting the icky grey footscrunge off the bottom of the tub and de-mildewing the grout. And unlike the commercial stuff, there are no icky fumes or feeling like I should heavily rinse my hands off before doing anything else.

Baking soda is incredible stuff. I’ve started buying it by the bag.

Next time it’s time to get the footscrunge off–give this a try.

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  1. I’ve seen this recipe around too, and after your ringing testimonial, may just have to try it. Our shower is always borderline gross with moldish/mildewish/soapscummy whatever. I find my Method Tub & Tile isn’t cutting it.

  2. Baking soda is my favorite recipe when I DIY beauty products!

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