Huge thanks to Thrifty Mama for the alert that Whole Foods would have organic canteloupe on sale Friday for $1.50 apiece! (Totally, subscribe to her blog…this woman knows what’s what.)

I went a little crazy.  Got 4. Have no regrets whatsoever.

The odds are very good that we may not get to eat them all raw before they get mooshy. So I have other thoughts:

  1. Freeze it. Canteloupe freezes beautifully. You cut it up into chunks and spread it on a cookie sheet or something, freeze them, and then move them to a safe container. I’m thinking school lunches here; I’d rather send fresh fruit than processed snacky stuff any day.
  2. Smoothie. Canteloupes make amazing smoothies. They are so water-ful that you barely need any additional liquid added, and they have this wonderful mild taste that just makes you feel like summer all over.  And if you don’t drink all the smoothie (fat chance)…
  3. Sorbet.  There are plenty of schmantzy recipes out there on the web, but my plan would pretty much be make a smoothie, and then hold back maybe 3 cups of it to toss into the ice cream maker. Behold. Canteloupe sorbet with no added ingredients (or maybe a splash of lemon juice).

So, quick, before we run out of melons…any other ideas for how to use fresh ripe canteloupe?

(UPDATE: We made the sorbet. 1 canteloupe made about 3 cups of puree/smoothie.  Added just a little honey and sprinkle of cinnamon, neither of which were required but both of which were lovely. Put it into our Cuisinart ice cream maker for about 30 minutes. Wonderful wonderful dessert!)


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