Mondays at the Booth: Easy, Effective, Non-Toxic Deodorant Recipe

Head over to the Green Phone Booth today for my post rounding up recipes for homemade deodorant…as I say there, I’ve long wondered if it’s a good idea to shave my armpits and then promptly rub a commercial aluminum-containing product all over the freshly nicked skin, given the proximity of armpit to, oh, I don’t know, lymph nodes and breasts and stuff…Some women do Komen for the Cure; I’m all about Bicarbonate for the Prevention.

The stuff I use is easier, more effective, safe, way cheaper, and won’t stain your clothes. Why not??

(p.s. read the comments too…as I note there, as I made the aluminum-to-natural transition a couple of years ago, I went through this period of horrific skunkypits for a couple of weeks until I guess my pores cleared out and detoxed; since then, it’s been smooth sailing…so if you try it and it’s evil at first, don’t assume it’s not working, just carry around a little thing of diaper wipes or something to de-stink every so often, and then continue…it’s worth it.)

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