I Found the Motherlode! (preserving recipes)

Check this out:

85+ recipes for home canning (fruits and vegetables)

This has even more recipes and resources for my hopeful food preservation plans this summer…even if my garden winds up producing not enough of anything I wanted and I’m just buying seconds at the farm market, I still want my jams, jellies, and pickles.

Mrs. Wheelbarrow’s spiced apples recipe will definitely get a shot this fall…

Married with Dinner has a Vietnamese carrot and radish recipe that might use up some of those radishes I planted, as would Lisa Campbell’s radish relish

And every year there seem to be some green tomatoes on my plants come early October that never quite ripened, and I’ve never been quite sure what to do with them…now I know.

And that’s not even glancing at the 100 Homemade Jams and Jellies recipes the site also links to. Including one for Lemon Balm Jelly that I will absolutely have to attempt…

A couple of days go I was depressed about how stinky my garden harvest has been this year, but then I realized, heck, I’m in Chicago–the growing season is only about 3 months long, and it starts in mid-June, so we’re barely halfway into it.  There is still hope.

And a neighbor’s huge overproducing apple tree…:-)

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  1. Will bookmark for aspirational future canning.

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