Zucchini + “Spaghetti Pie” = a very promising recipe!

I read Cooking Light magazine.  I almost never, however, actually make any of the recipes found in it. Not sure why–probably largely because I seldom make any real recipes, ever.  But this one looks cool…

I first heard of “spaghetti pie” about 15 years ago, but honestly I’ve never made it.  Mostly because it’s apparently a Midwestern staple for using up leftover pasta, and I happen to think that leftover cold pasta out of the tupperware container is one of the best breakfasts ever.  It seems, in short, to be sort of a “lazy mom’s lasagna”–just toss everything together in the baking dish, sprinkle cheese on, and bake it.

Now that I’ve discovered a version that can also get rid of 3 cups of grated oversized zucchini in a delicious way, I may have to give it a try…It’s on page 140 of the August Cooking Light magazine, and it’s also found here: Zucchini Angel Hair Pancake. I haven’t done it yet, so this is a blog post based on something I haven’t tried yet, which I generally don’t much like to do–but it does look yummy, and posting it here is  one way I’ll be guaranteed not to lose the recipe.  (Along with the Roasted Banana Pudding recipe on page 144…I would probably substitute amaretti or savoiardi for the vanilla wafers and go for the actual whipped cream instead of the fake stuff, calories be damned, but it does look yummy!)

And best of all, this zuke-pasta pancake is cooked on the stove, so you don’t even need to heat up the oven!

I’ll post a review when I do make it; if anyone beats me to it, please let me know in the comments!


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