Squashed by squash!

It’s happening–the tomatoes aren’t even pink yet, but the zucchini plants are going nuts and giving us way more squash than we can eat. (Anyone from church want me to bring you a couple of zukes? Let me know!)

So, in case anyone is in a similar pickle (ooh! that’s right; zucchinis pickle very well too!), here’s a link to my post of a couple of years ago, with a recipe for zucchini latkes. Lovely easy meatless (but egg-containing) entree  or side for a summer evening….

Jenn’s Zucchini Latke Recipe (with links to other “attack of the giant mutant zukes” recipes…)

Bon appetit!


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  1. Strangely enough, I’m jealous! My zucchini went nuts for 2 weeks- couldn’t hardly give them away – then went yellow and wilted out.

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