Green Mom’s Product Review: The Mighty and Allegedly Fabulous Keurig Coffee Maker

For the past few months, I’ve been listening to people rave about the Amazing Fabulousness of the Keurig Coffee Maker. I’m perfectly happy with my French Press, thank you very much, so I’d never felt even slightly inclined to purchase or seek one out, especially since the whole concept of the “single use K-cup” is something I find fairly horrific from a green point of view–generating a new little plastic piece of garbage for EVERY cup of homemade coffee? Umm…yeah, I don’t think I want to go that route.

I’m currently staying at my parents’ place for the week, and my mom has a Keurig over in the garage apartment.  With the single use K-cups.  I totally get that it’s a sensible approach when you’ve got guests staying over there who just want a single cup of no-mess coffee. And this machine is ideal for that.

So, for the past few mornings, I’ve been drinking Keurig-made coffee.

My verdict? Well–it does make a very nice cup of coffee.  And if one is accustomed to the typical Mr. Coffee machines most of us have or have at one point had in our kitchens, it’s a huge improvement. However, it’s not that good–IMO, my French Press makes way better coffee than the Keurig, with only minimally more mess, and that mess is only generated in the cleanup process.

Apparently (I looked it up) you can also get re-usable K-cup filters for the Keurig–the kind you can use with your own coffee.  Definitely a green improvement over the single-use ones, but it reintroduces the cleanup issues the k-cups effectively (and trash-generatingly) eliminate from the coffeemaking process.  Seems like what you’re dealing with there is using the Keurig mainly to heat the water, and then pushing it through the tiny single-use filter, which isn’t much easier than just heating water and using the otherwise-no-power-and-little-counter-space French Press.

My final verdict? A decent cup of coffee. But I’ll keep my sliced bread, thank you.

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  1. I can’t stand those things. I love my french press and funny enough, before I saw this I had just posted about eco-friendly coffee.

  2. Great post, Lisa!–yeah, the waste factor is a lot of why I have pretty much stopped (except when traveling) getting coffee out anywhere and usually just make my own at home–either hot in my single use French Press, or cold by doing an overnight cold press concentrate with my larger French Press and then refrigerating and adding milk in the morning.

    That whole thing of “make the coffee in a disposable cup and then pour it into a reusable one” makes me INSANE!!

  3. Like you, I abhor the k-cup concept. Such an incredible waste. If people aren’t willing to consider the waste, what about the health implications of running hot water through plastic under pressure? As we all know, plastic leaches all sorts of ugly toxins such as Bisphenol A, phthalates, VFAs, etc. If you drink 3 – 5 of these a day for years, what is that doing to your body? Given that these silly k-cups are fairly new, I’ll bet in a few more years, the research will start coming out about the negative human impact.

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