Here there be no wireless…

Okay, this is bizarre…we’re staying with my parents in Downeast Maine, where the cell service is spotty, the internet is weak, and my parents’ have a new DSL system that is oddly not connecting with my husbands or my smartphones.

We’ll work it out, I’m sure…but in the meantime, I’m finding it actually sort of liberating–I’m typing this for now on my mom’s computer, but I honestly don’t expect to be spending much time on it. The idea that I maybe don’t need to be attached to my smartphone every minute of every day is a heady one, and sort of intriguing…I intend to embrace it, if I can. (My husband does not share my optimism and desire to make a learning experience out of this…he’s still wearing his on his belt clip and checking it every hour or so.)

This could be sort of fun.

So don’t be surprised if there aren’t many blog posts in the next week or two.  With any luck I’ll be too busy having fun in this beautiful green place to sit down and write about the fun I’m having in this beautiful green place…

Have a happy and safe Fourth!


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  1. Give our regards to your parents. And have a lobster roll for me after you visit the Bass Harbor light. 😉

  2. Have a great time in Maine, relax and escape the craziness that we call life!! Thanks for all the great posts!

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