Phoning Home…do I need a new cell phone?

I’m right on the edge of wanting a new phone…my iPhone 3g is old enough that it’s just plain starting to Not Work Any More, since the rest of the systems are now intended for Shiny New iPhones.

Planned obsolescence pisses me off, which is why I’m holding onto the thing out of sheer spite, but it’s letting me down far more often than it’s giving me what I need–and what I need, primarily, is a phone with calendar, email, and GPS capability. I don’t really care about being able to play Angry Birds on it; I need it to do those very simple things.  I want something with decent enough battery life that I won’t have to charge it every single day, or worse, worry that it won’t get through the day on a single charge.  And I really really want something that will irradiate my brain or hand or right butt-cheek as little as humanly possible should I need to keep my phone near those particular body parts for extended periods of time.

My options seem limited. We’re on AT&T network, which does not have too many phones in the low radiation range.  According to the Environmental Working Group,  the two lowest-radiation smartphones are the LG Quantum and the Samsung Captivate. The Samsung runs Android, which I like in many respects, but which seems to have some battery life issues. (When you read a boast saying “great battery life! You should even get through a whole day on a single charge!” you know whoever wrote it has expectations that differ a bit from mine!) When a system boasts of being able to run many simultaneous apps…well, the catch there is that battery life can drain pretty fast if you are not careful.

The LG Quantum is a Windows 7 phone, with the lowest radiation emissions, and it seems to be well-reviewed. That’s the one I’m looking at now.

Then there’s the other question–do I yield to the whole Consumer Buy Something New mindset, adding more Stuff to landfills and worse, more electronic waste, which tends to be more hazardous than a lot of trash? (Not that I would trash the iPhone; I’d keep it as an iTouch and use it for music and stuff.)

There’s ebay. People who don’t share these concerns who post, “Hey, I just bought the new iPhone 4, and I want to sell my Quantum–only used for a month!” Part of me goes *headdesk*whatareyouthinking*headdesk*!! when I hear this kind of thing; the other parts goes, okay, maybe I’ll buy your phone, it’ll avoid my having to sign up for two more years with this company I don’t know if I’ll want to stay with for that long…

I don’t know…any thoughts? What do you guys think?


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