Cell Phone Radiation–am I being careful or paranoid?

A couple of posts I’ve seen recently have gotten my radar up, and now I feel like I’m verging on paranoid.  While the FDA and EPA of this country have a less than fab track record, I tend to have a little more faith in stuff that comes from international groups like the World Health Organization–and so, when they say, “Hey, guess what? Cell phone radiation is likely carcinogenic, and whaddya know, we’re now seeing all these people with brain tumors on the right sides of their head behind their ear–ya know, where you hold your cell phone? Dudes, get headsets, okay?…(and dudely dudes, don’t carry the thing in your front pocket either, if you have significant hope of producing offspring one day, ‘kay?)”

Beth at My Plastic Free Life had up a really good post a while ago about how we might reduce our exposure to cell phone radiation–pointing to the Environmental Working Group’s site telling the different radiation amounts emitted by different phones and giving tips for how to avoid as much radiation as you can.

In tomorrow’s post I’ll talk about my own phone purchasing dilemmas…the “whether” first, and then the “which”…

In the meantime, I’m using a headset, texting more, and not carrying my phone in my pocket.


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