Mondays at the Booth: How the Party Went

Come on over to the Green Phone Booth for the tale of how I survived a 6-year-old girl birthday party with the house pretty much intact…

It was a lot of fun, actually–it’s sort of silly, I guess, how much I obsess over “omg what will other moms think of me” (like when I mail invitations 6 days before the party, or freak out that the school’s address list might not be accurate and not everyone got theirs, so will they think they didn’t get invited, or OMG this one got paint on her skirt, or God knows what-all else…I worry a lot. I have no natural social skills, so anything I get right is usually because I obsessed over it.) , but I just sort of do…still, I think a good time was had by all. And little girls at this age are just…fun. I like them.

Anyway, come over and read the account! (This made for a really cheap frugal and financially conscious party as well!)


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